Sometimes we wonder about God and the way he works. I’m forced dot ask myself over and over again: why does life work the way it does? We begin to think we know better than God does, especially when he doesnt work in other peoples lives the way we think he should. After all, change will be better for everyone!


Pastor and author Charles Swindoll defines Gods sovereignty as our all-wise, all-knowing God reigning in realms beyond our comprehension to bring about a plan beyond our ability to alter, hinder, or stop. 
Thinking of Pastor Swindolls definition makes us wonder why God doesnt just make the world a place where nothing bad happens. And, of course, the real question is, why do bad things happen to me?


But think for a moment what would happen if nothing challenging or bad occurred in your life. Would you need God? Would you grow emotionally or spiritually? 
Ask yourself, when have I been closer to God and become a better person? Usually, we come by such closeness while we are in the midst of difficult circumstances. Of course, not always, but usually, if we seek God, we sense his love and care. Because of Gods sovereignty, he allows difficult circumstances and situations in our lives. If we can see all things as being allowed by him for our good, we will cooperate with his plan.


(Taken from Choices of the Heart: Daughters of the King Bible studyChoices of the Heart is a ten lesson women’s study for individuals or groups that contrasts Biblical women: one “good” vs. one “bad.” This is taken from Lesson 1 contrasting Rebekah and Rahab as they struggled to believe God‘s Sovereignty.)