My precious Princess and Daughter:

I know your life has its ups and downs. I grieve with you when you mourn a loss, whether physical or emotional. I know you do not like the pain of unhappy times. On the surface, I may seem very unloving. I know your feelings. You dont need to hide them from me. I understand.

But can you trust me? I intend only good for you. I intend to bring flowers out of the ashes and joy out of the sadness. And if youre experiencing happiness right now, then enjoy! Dont feel guilty. I rejoice with you. I am blessed when you express your gratitude to me. I receive your love.

You see, I know the plans I have for you. Im molding and refining your character so you can be a more useful vessel in my hands. Spiritual growth is how youll find true fulfillment. I am eager to accomplish my plans in your life because you are my Daughter, my creation. I love and value you.


Your heavenly Father, the King

Choices of the Heart is a ten lesson women’s study for individuals or groups that contrasts Biblical women: one “good” vs. one “bad.” Each lesson closes with a “Letter from God” like the one featured here. This letter is taken from the Lesson 2 contrasting Job’s Wife and the Woman of Shunem as they did or did not trust God’s goodness.)