When I walked into the church nursery on Sunday morning, Janet immediately said, “Kathy, I had a dream about you Friday night. In it I was praying for you. I woke up and felt a tremendous burden to pray for you, so I did all yesterday. Is something going on in your life?”

I stared at Janet in wonder. The chance of Janet feeling led to pray for me when we only had contact twice a month was amazing to me.

“Janet, this is incredible. I am having a crisis. Larry found out on Friday that he’s having a mole removed and biopsied this coming Tuesday. I really needed your prayers after hearing he could have melanoma.”

Janet smiled even as a concerned look crossed her face. “I’m so glad I prayed for you. I’ve never dreamed about you before. I’ll keep praying.”

What a merciful God that He would speak to Janet’s heart about praying for me. 

Although that incident occurred decades ago, it still stands out to me as a powerful example of God’s concern and care. Larry did have melanoma, the deadliest kind of skin cancer, and it was removed. Since then he’s never had another occurrence. 

One of the incredible privileges we have as children of God is prayer. I’m amazed that I can enter boldly into the throne room of God and make my concerns known, and He actually cares and responds! That’s even more amazing than walking up to the White House, telling the receptionist I want to speak to the President, and seeing her immediately open the door to the Oval Office. That most likely will never happen to me. Yet I can open the door to God anytime I turn my attention to Him–and He’ll always listen and respond. It’s true for you too!