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You might remember me writing a post a few days ago about the challenges of trusting God in the midst of construction. Here’s the update.

The housecleaner came and instead of workers working while she was here, they delayed coming. Which was great for the house getting clean but unfortunate for getting the work done. OK, Lord, I surrender to your plan, I kept saying. It’s out of our hands, you are in control.

Then the dry wallers for inside and stucco men for outside came the next day. That’s good! But how much dust would the inside workers spread all over the clean house? I expected huge clouds of dust going all over. OK, Lord, I surrender to your plan again!

Guess what? The dry wallers first put plastic on the floor and furniture. And, what I feared didn’t happen. No dust storm inside. After they finished, they mopped the floor. Wonderful! And the stucco guys picked up all the tarps they had laid down that caught the drippings. Great!

Looking good! At least there weren’t holes in the wall. But no painter available. 

So the party took place with an unpainted wall and cords dangling from the patio ceiling. But the baby shower was a huge success and it was too hot to go outside anyway. And I had planted new flowers so the patio looked lovely. 

The expectant mommy was thrilled and so were the women who planned the shower. I was just the house-provider and I loved it. 

What did I learn? God knows what He’s doing and if it doesn’t turn out how I think it should, then it’s OK. And even if the house had been in terrible condition, it doesn’t say anything about my worth and value. 

What a relief. I hope you feel it and are encouraged to release whatever it is that seems so very very important right now. God knows what He’s doing and He loves you.