Yippee! It’s time for my monthly book drawing. (Read below for instructions). I’m tickled to be able to feature and give away a book by Cheri Cowell entitled One Story, One Mission, One God, Part I: The Old Testament. It is subtitled: An Overview of the Bible in 12 Weeks. 

Doesn’t that sound encouraging? At times the Bible can seem overwhelming. But Cheri makes it very “doable.” Plus, because her book is a question and answer Bible study, it is fabulous for individual and group study. But she doesn’t leave you guessing when you’re answering the questions, she also provides important bits of commentary. I love that kind of a Bible study.

Here’s my interview with her.

Cheri, you won an award this year, tell us about it.
Cheri: I was honored to win the Selah Award in the gift book devotional category for my book, 365 Devotions for Peace published by Zondervan. I’m also thrilled that it is not only available at your local Christian bookstores but also in those book racks next to the flowers at truck stops and grocery stores. I pray it helps many who are searching for peace in this troubled world.

On your website you are called a “sidewalk theologian,” what does that mean?
Cheri: I love taking the complicated questions of faith and breaking them down, making them simple, like talking with a friend while standing together on the sidewalk of life. I have a seminary degree, but have found joy in communicating truths simply.

That’s great! Is that what your new Bible study does?
Cheri: Yes. One Story, One Mission, One God is a 12-week overview of the entire Bible (a six week Old Testament study, and a six week New Testament study), and it is written for those who may have gotten the stories of the Bible in bits and pieces but don’t know how it all fits together. I want people to know the Bible isn’t two stories–an Old one and a New one–but it is one story with one mission from beginning to end, about the One True God. 

Oh, I love this. What is the One Mission you talk about in this study?
Cheri: From the opening scene in the bible, God’s mission has been relationship and redemption. Amazingly, God has invited us to partner with Him in this mission–to bring all people into relationship with Him, and to participate in redeeming a lost world through our love, which is given to us by a grace-filled God. He was a God of grace from Genesis and will be so on the last day when He returns for all of us who call Him Savior.

You’ve written other books, tell us about those.
Cheri: My first book was Direction: Discernment for the Decisions of your Life, about knowing God’s will. I’ve also written Parables and Word Pictures, a Bible study in the popular Following God series, and Living the Story: Reaching Outside the Church Walls, about how to share the gospel in a new way to reach a new generation.

Tell us a little about you and how people can learn more.
Cheri: My wonderful husband of 31 years, Randy, and I live in Orlando Florida. I love National Parks, scrapbooking, and flowers. I love to connect with readers through my website, blog, quarterly newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
Thank you, Cheri! 

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