Here’s a third post on the topic of identifying the blocks to gratitude as Hebrews 13:5-6 refers to. 

Here’s verse 6:

   “I will not fear; what can man do to me?”

This part of those verses refers to a third lie blocking our gratitude.

God doesn’t protect us, especially from the opinions or actions of others. 


This speaks to me as a People Pleaser. I am often challenged to look to others to protect me from feeling bad about myself. But guess what? People don’t cooperate with the way I want to be seen and acknowledged! They don’t think I’m perfect! They don’t acknowledge my strengths. I’m discontented and grumbling because I can’t change their wrong opinion of me. It feels like my worth and value are being threatened. I’m fearful and trying to find a way to protect myself from people misunderstanding me. 
That’s a recipe for discontent and lack of gratitude, let me tell you!
But God’s antidote is, “Don’t fear, my child. No one’s opinion of you can hurt you. (Tweet that!) I protect you according to my plan. I know the truth about you. Yes, the truth is you aren’t perfect and your abilities aren’t acknowledged. But I see you through my Son’s robe of righteousness. You can’t protect yourself but I will protect you by seeing you ‘in Christ.’ You are redeemed, forgiven, cleansed, and perfect in my sight. All because of Jesus dying for you. It has nothing to do with another person’s opinion of you. I am your Source of worth and value. No one can do anything to you nor say anything about you that hasn’t gone through my filter of love. Trust me.”
I have found that believing God’s glory is of utmost importance and helps me to trust God for whatever “man” might do to me. If God will be glorified through it, then I can surrender to it. And ultimately, nothing “man” does separates me from God’s love–and that’s all that ultimately matters. 
(By the way! Next Spring my book about seeking God’s glory from a purified heart will be released. The working title is Pure Hearted. Don’t worry! I’ll be sure to remind you when it’s available.)


Over the past three posts, we’ve focused on three obstacles to having gratitude and being content. Which of those three is most important to you? Which of those three would you like to grow in as you believe the truth? I’d love to hear from you if you’d like to share.