My precious Princess and Daughter:

When you pray, you do not pray alone. My Spirit cries within you. And my Son sits at my right hand interceding for you. We want our best for you. We know you don’t always know that. Sometimes you don’t even know what to pray for.

The accuser, Satan, comes before me but I know the truth about you. He thinks he’s tattling on you—as if I don’t know everything. He thinks he will sway me away from loving and accepting you unconditionally. But that’s impossible. Absolutely impossible. Please hear me when I promise you have immediate, continual access to my throne. You are my child and my Princess.

Your performance has nothing to do with me hearing you because Jesus died on the cross for your sins to wipe away any separation between us. My Son and my Spirit are your ever-present Helpers.

Talk to me. Our times of close fellowship are important to me—and to you. I see Jesus’ robe of righteousness wrapped around you, and you are acceptable and perfect in my sight. Have no fear. I have not left you helpless. Remember, we are in you and we are much greater than Satan.


Your heavenly Father, the King