Fear can block us from praying out loud in a group. We fear being judged because we said something with the wrong words, or in the wrong way, or with too many words. These fears are usually because we don’t want others to think poorly of us.

Fear takes the focus off connecting with God and focuses on ourselves. We can even know our motive and feel bad about it. But maybe we were shamed in some way in the past about praying or the way we speak and now we want to avoid pain.

Ask God to develop your strength to trust him. He only needs to approve or be pleased by your words. Sometimes he just asks your obedience in speaking out in faith and rejecting any condemning thoughts, remembering God focuses on your heart which no one else can see. Let his understanding and compassion comfort and strengthen you.

When prayer requests are shared in a group and the opportunity to pray is available, some feel compelled to pray for every request but praying for everything can limit the opportunity for others to participate. If we fear some request won’t get covered, we can trust God to respond to the needs of every person, regardless of whether it’s specifically prayed for.


In one regard prayer isn’t “needed” since God knows everything and knows what is best for each person. But God allows us the privilege and joy of being involved through praying for others. Sometimes remembering God already knows everything will diminish the need to say too much.

This is an excerpt from Whispers of My Heart: Daughters of the King Bible Study Series, a 10 lesson women’s Bible study for individuals and groups.