Drum Roll! The winner of the drawing for Jocelyn Green’s new book Free to Lean is Missi! Congratulations Missi. I’ll be in touch with you so that Jocelyn can send you your autographed book. I know you’ll love this wonderful book. 

Now here’s today’s post.

If you’ve seen me within the last four months, you know I now am sporting braces on my bottom teeth. My bite has always been off with crooked teeth but now those teeth have become loose. The solution other than pulling them? Straighten the bite so they connect with the top teeth without trauma. 

I’d always heard how painful having the teeth move are for those wearing braces. I’ve been grateful there hasn’t been horrible pain with that but the pain I’ve experienced is different. 

When the braces move into a different position in my mouth, the points of the braces hit against a new part of my inner mouth. An open sore can result that is very painful. Thankfully, putting wax on the pointy part of the brace really helps and rinsing with salt water helps to heal the skin.

This process occurs over and over again as the teeth move and the sharp edges of the braces hit different areas. But the good part is that I know things are changing. That is good news. Someday all the teeth will be straight and in alignment. The inside of my mouth will never experience sores again.

Of course I saw a spiritual application. This process of change and resulting pain but then healing is a description of sanctification.

Although we are perfectly justified before God because of acknowledging Jesus dying for our sins and then wearing Jesus’ robe of righteousness, our journey of change on this earth is ongoing. Praise the Lord–He doesn’t expect us to be perfect, but He does want us to grow and heal.

So He allows, sometimes even creates, circumstances that feel like a different part of a pointy brace is “touching” a part of our soul, spirit, and/or mind. That “touch” might be conviction or awareness or seeing a sinful reaction we’ve never seen before. We don’t like that so we respond opposite of the fruit of the Spirit–anger, irritation, withdrawal, discontentment, negative thinking, etc, etc. Like that sore in the mouth we’re saying, “Don’t touch me. I don’t want to face how I’m not fully living in trust in God.” Or whatever our underlying issue is…

In this process, God’s purpose is not to make life miserable but to (tweet that!)  move us away from the lies that create distrust of Him. By applying the “wax” and “salt” of the truths of Scripture to heal and change the behavior, we can move away toward more holiness.

As you can tell, I haven’t figured out all the aspects of this concept and I’d love your help. Maybe I’m off base? Doesn’t make sense? How do you see the different aspects of this idea? 

What I know for sure is that the straight teeth I trust I’ll have someday do represent the perfection you and I will experience in heaven. No more pain! No more challenges! No more need for change! I can’t wait! It’s going to be fabulous. 

Would you make a comment? I know my readers would love to hear also.