Book giveaway: “Little Women; Big God”

It’s Book Giveaway time! I’m so pleased to feature a new book by Debbie Wilson entitled Little Women, Big God. Aren’t you glad even though we feel “little,” we have a big God? What comfort that brings.

Debbie’s latest book

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Here’s an excerpt from Debbie’s book to give you a little taste of her inspiration.

Got Problems? No Problem for a Big God

by Debbie Wilson

If you were God, what type of people would you choose to belong to your family tree? Whose stories would you highlight in Scripture?

Would you choose —
• a woman who seduced her father-in-law?
• a professional prostitute?
• someone banned because of their treachery against God’s people?

God did.

While we work hard to look like we have it together, Jesus highlights the infamy in His family tree. I’m convinced He showcased these women for us. Their stories remind us that it doesn’t matter how often we’ve failed, how much we’ve lost, or how small we feel.

Little faith in a big God changes destinies.

My dad, sister, and I buried my mother on Mother’s Day weekend of my senior year in high school. Nothing could have prepared me for the seismic shift my world would take following our loss.

The following year, Daddy married a woman who didn’t want any reminder of my mother around—including my sister and me. I returned from out of town to find my childhood home emptied. She’d even disposed of the monogrammed sheets and satin comforter I’d received from my late grandmother and mother. Soon, even Pepper, my white poodle, was gone.

In a brief year, the foundation of a stable home was swept away. I was powerless to stop the mounting losses.

I was powerless to stop the foundation of a stable home being swept away. (Tweet that!)

Maybe that is why I was drawn to the women in Jesus’ family tree. These women faced crushing problems with no power or resources to overcome them.

But, they had a big God.

Their stories show security is not determined by the size of our problems or the size of our strength, but by the size of our God.

When I worked as a counselor, I learned it’s not uncommon for Christians to feel confused when pain touches us. We wonder how our losses could have happened when we’ve tried to honor God with good lives.

Is there something wrong with us—or with God?

From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible shows God’s chosen followers suffered slavery, abuse, imprisonment, and even martyrdom while those who spit at God luxuriated in palaces.

The women in Jesus’ genealogy weren’t spared great difficulties and unfairness either. Yet God was with each one accomplishing His good and perfect will. Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary spotlight God’s care for ordinary women and show how He uses our weaknesses to reveal His strength and our failures as avenues for His grace.

The women in Jesus’ Genealogy weren’t spared great difficulties and unfairness. (TWEET THAT!)

What problems threaten to dwarf your courage or faith? Trials teach us we need a big God. The women in Jesus’ family tree show us we have one in Jesus!

Thank you, Debbie, for sharing with us.

Debbie is giving away a copy of Little Women, Big God: It’s Not the Size of Your Problem, But the Size of Your God. Leave a comment below to enter to win a free copy! I’ll draw the winner on Friday night, September 8th, 2017.

About Debbie W. Wilson:
Debbie Wilson is an ordinary woman who has experienced an extraordinary God. Drawing from her personal walk with Christ, twenty-four years as a Christian counselor, and decades as a Bible teacher, Debbie speaks and writes to help others discover relevant faith.
She and her husband, Larry, founded Lighthouse Ministries in 1991. They, along with their two grown children and standard poodles, enjoy calling North Carolina home.
Share her journey to refreshing faith at her blog and on Facebook.

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