You Are a “Beautiful Warrior”

I’m so excited to offer the book, Beautiful Warrior, by Tina Yeager for this month’s book drawing. Read below for how to enter the drawing. UPDATE: Sharon Dyer is the winner of the drawing!

Here’s a description of Tina’s fabulous book:

In Beautiful Warrior, licensed therapist Tina Yeager shows you how to overthrow your own self-defeating patterns.

Through easy-to-understand biblical references, end-of-chapter questions, and empowerment opportunities, she demonstrates how you can soar over common obstacles that often keep women from healthy self-esteem. Embrace your identity in Christ so you can embrace your destiny.

Here’s an excerpt from Beautiful Warrior:

Like most little girls, I longed for storybook castles while doubting my worth. The real tale of the People’s Princess, as Diana was dubbed after her death, resonated with me. I wondered, more with each passing year, how many other precious women suffered inside the towers of their inner castles. Just as dedicated to performing a role in public. Just as isolated and miserable.

What would happen if someone told the truth? What if she lowered her mask, courageously, and showed her heart to those nearby?

As my Christ-esteem strengthened, a concern for my hidden sisters grew. So many others suffered in secret. Smiling at me from the crowds in the mall. Hurrying past me on the grocery aisles. Muttering self-curses in millions of cars lining the nation’s roadways. I prayed, begging with clasped palms for someone to lift them up.

Yet, at the end of my prayers, I saw only my hands. I thought I’d been transparent enough.

I shared with a few clients— if it seemed relevant. But, I asked God, should I do more? Or is that oversharing?

Through years of prayer for the hurting, I realized God’s answer often comes through us. If I wanted to see healing, I would need to lower my mask first.

I set aside my excuses and began to write, expecting the work to flow with ease.

Not so much.

Writing a personal book is hard, even after extensive growth and healing. Yet I knew I could not stop because the two motives within gave enough power to keep me going—His call and a hope my words might help someone.

The Lord called me to bear His image, to become the heroine of an entirely different war. He revealed the futility of battling divine allies, particularly myself. I had misdirected the strength God forged into my core. Christ encouraged me to stop fighting my namesake and redirect that innate ferocity against the real enemy. The sinister foe of all those whom God loves. I recognize him now for who he is: the captor who shackles women with lies and hides their names under false labels . . . like unlovable.

Inner healing takes courage and perseverance.

Applying the principles in this book might challenge you. You will likely be tempted to doubt your strength. Please don’t give up. Hold your hands in front of you, and remember your healing matters. To Christ and others. Someone else depends on you to get to the other side of the problem. From there, you can lift them up. Focus on your healer and those who need your mask to fall, then let the silent cries of other princesses grant you the courage to keep going.

UPDATE: Sharon Dyer is the winner of the drawing. Thank you to everyone who participated in the drawing.

Tina Yeager

An award-winning author, inspirational speaker, and life coach, Tina also hosts the Flourish-Meant podcastand publishes Inkspirations Online, a weekly devotional for writers. She has won thirty writing awards, including 2013 FCWC Writer of the Year, and mentors five chapters of Word Weavers International. Her fiction and nonfiction strive to clarify how we might relate better to others, to ourselves, and to God.

Licensed as a counselor since 2005, she has over twenty years of experience teaching adults, teens, and children in academic, clinical, and faith-based settings. Tina enjoys working with diverse populations and has practiced in community mental health settings and private practice since 2000. She specializes in ADHD, stress management, abuse recovery, and esteem-building, and currently runs an online life coaching practice, Divine Encouragement, LLC. Yeager is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and holds a BA in creative writing and an MA in counseling.

Yeager is a member of the Serious Writer team, which hosts nationwide conferences and boot camps. Her Psyched Characters and Kindle your Creative Spark courses are available online at the Serious Writer Academy.

Come visit her for a virtual cup of java online. For life coaching tips or to book her as an event speaker, check out Beautiful Warrior: Finding Victory over the Lies Formed Against You helps women identify and fulfill their potential as they discover Christ-centered significance. Available for order now, Beautiful Warrioris offered by New Hope Publishers (

Tina adores embracing new friends, so feel free to offer hugs to her avatars at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram tina.yeager.9, Goodreads, and Pinterest