“Take Heart. I Have Overcome the World.”–Jesus

My Precious Princess and Daughter:

You can make a difference in your world for me. I know evil and wickedness press in on you from every side, at times stealing your courage. They are not new threats. Only recycled and repackaged efforts by my enemy, Satan, to destroy your world and to block you from representing me clearly.

But just as my Son Jesus conquered Satan at Calvary, you, my empowered one, can also conquer the evil one’s schemes and desires. You are victorious in my power and nothing can stand against you. Although it may seem Satan is succeeding, take courage for I have fought the battles and won the victory. The world’s evil will not progress beyond my predetermined boundaries.

Do not be afraid. In quietness and confidence hold your ground. Although the devil may roar like a lion, he is actually an exposed roach on the floor of my antechamber. His influence is limited. In time, his evil will be fully disclosed and erased from my world.

Look expectantly for that day, and continue to act by faith as a courageous senior officer in my army. I’ve won the battle. Victory is ours. Stand strong and take action against evil.


Your Heavenly Father, the King