My passion is to share with others through my books and speaking how to be empowered to turn from the broken cisterns of lies and wrong beliefs.

Heart transformation from the inside out is possible.

Thank you for visiting my website and blog. I hope it will create greater thirst for God’s refreshing and soul-hydrating flowing spring within you.



Download the “Unfinished but Perfect” Handout for the A Little SHE Time Virtual Conference.

The following “Letters from God” are from the four different women Bible studies written by Kathy Collard Miller.

The studies are: Choices of the Heart, Whispers of My Heart, At the Heart of Friendship, Heart Wisdom

Kathy Collard Miller is amazed at the work God has done in her life and the open doors He created for her. He delivered her from abusing her toddler and also healed her and her husband’s dysfunctional marriage. Today, she and her adult daughter have a fabulous relationship and in June 2020, Kathy and Larry will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. They write and speak together and are lay counselors. Kathy has spoken in over 35 US states and 9 foreign countries. Her 58 books include biblical commentaries, compilations, Christian Living topics, and women’s Bible studies. Her most recent book, co-written with her husband, is God’s Intriguing Questions: 60 New Testament Devotions Revealing Jesus’s Nature.

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Book Drawing: “Fresh Joy” by Heidi McLaughlin

Book Drawing: “Fresh Joy” by Heidi McLaughlin

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Book Drawing: “Deep Rooted” by Kathy Howard

Book Drawing: “Deep Rooted” by Kathy Howard

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