Meet Kathy…

Kathy Collard Miller has given birth over 50 times!

Lest you think she’s crazy, Kathy has given birth to two human children and over 50 books. Plus, Kathy has spoken in 8 foreign countries and over 30 states. Along with her husband, Larry, she is a lay counselor. Kathy and Larry live in Southern California and are the parents of two children and two grandchildren.

You could not be more surprised than she is that God began her ministry from a very painful time in her life. Over 40 years ago, God delivered her from being an abusive mother. Even though she had been a Christian for ten years at the time, she couldn’t grasp God’s strength to control herself. She hated her life and wondered if she’d ever experience God’s love and joy again—even to the point of considering suicide. Her marriage to Larry seemed destined to fail and she blamed her anger on him.

But God is faithful. He replaced her anger with patience, rebuilt her love for her children, and restored the joy between Kathy and Larry. God has used Kathy’s inspiring sharing to encourage and bless many lives through both her speaking and writing.

Today, Kathy enjoys a close relationship with her daughter whom she abused. Larry and Kathy have been married since 1970 and are more in love than when they were high school sweethearts. Larry is a retired police lieutenant and they minister together often as co-authors and counselors. They speak individually and together.

God has opened many doors of opportunity for Kathy and she is an award-winning and best-selling author of the God’s Vitamin “C” for the Spirit series (co-compiled with her husband, Larry),

Kathy’s books are non-fiction including Christian living topics, Bible commentaries, women’s Bible studies and compiled books.

  • At the Heart of Friendship
  • Pure-Hearted: The Blessings of Living Out God’s Glory
  • Never Ever Be the Same: A New You Starts Today
  • Partly Cloudy with Scattered Worries: Finding Peace in all Kinds of Weather
  • Why Do I Put So Much Pressure On Myself and Others?
  • Women of the Bible: Smart Guide to the Bible series
  • When Counting to Ten Isn’t Enough: Strategies for Positive Parenting

Her very popular women’s Bible study series, Daughters of the King Bible Study Series (Elk Lake Publishers), includes write-in questions and commentary. There are twelve books in the series and currently available are:

  • Choices of the Heart contrasts two women of the Bible in each of the ten lessons on different topics.
  • Whispers of My Heart encourages women to value prayer and put aside obstacles to intimacy with God.
  • At the Heart of Friendship helps the Bible student discover God’s principles for friendships and mentoring, plus having a friendship with God.
  • Heart Wisdom offers women compelling questions and commentary in a Bible study format about Proverbs on 10 different topics, including the Proverbs 31 Woman.

Kathy has appeared on many TV programs including the 700 Club, Joy, 100 Huntley Street, and numerous radio programs. Kathy is an alumni of CLASS (Christian Leaders, Authors, Speakers Seminar) and is a founding member of AWSA (Advanced Writers and Speakers Association). She also holds memberships in CAN (Christian Authors Network) and NEWIM (Network of Evangelical Women in Ministry).

Kathy and Larry are lay counselors and give “soul care” counseling to individuals and couples. Their goal is to help Christians deal with the underlying causes of their ungodly reactions. Their book, Never Ever Be the Same, shares the principles they work with in the hearts of those who come.

Kathy’s ministry has touched audiences nationally and internationally. She’ll impact your audience as well with God’s healing power and practical ideas for changing hearts and lives.