I have had the pleasure to hear Kathy speak twice at two different stages in my life. Once when I was in the throes of raising little ones, and once just after my youngest left for college. Both times were amazing and so practical! Kathy speaks with warmth, vulnerability, and humor. With such a range of speaking topics available, she is the perfect choice for any group who is looking for a top knotch speaker! I wholeheartedly recommend her!

Lori Ann Bach

Mentor, Speaker Coordinator, MOPS (Mothers Of Preschoolers), First Evangelical Free Church, Fullerton, California

I have participated in and also led several church retreats over the years.  Our latest retreat, with Kathy as the speaker/teacher for the whole weekend, was the deepest, most life-changing retreat I’ve ever been on.  Her willingness to be vulnerable about her own life allows women to feel safe so they can open up about deep wounds and hurts they may have hidden their whole life. Kathy is a willing vessel the Lord uses to teach, encourage, love and challenge participants, so their walk with God becomes clearer, stronger and better than they ever thought possible.
Irene Brennick

Director of Women’s Ministries, Life Spring Church, Moorpark, California, and Director, Community Services, Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center

We used “Daughters of the King” as our topic for our annual retreat, and Kathy lived it out in front of us. She was so well prepared. She was able to take the Scripture and make it applicable to every women there, through her knowledge and study of God’s word.

Leslie Daniel

Director of Women's Ministry, Kenai Christian Church, Kenai Alaska

I am very careful to bring in not only good speakers, but also those who have a heart for women, who really do care…care enough to speak from their heart but also share their heart whether it be in the hallways, at the banquet tables or at their product table. Kathy was all that and more.

Ann Downing

Director, Author, Singer, Middle Tennessee Women's Retreat, Nashville, Tennessee

Kathy Collard Miller led my women’s Bible study group in a wonderful mini-retreat entitled, “Princess to Princess.” Through the lives of four women in the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, Kathy showed us how much God loves us and how to stop striving to feel that love.
Kathy was fun, inspiring and very relatable. She engaged the women with activities and interacted with them personally. We all walked away feeling cherished.

Lynn Jupina

Bible study leader, Palm Desert, California