Beware of Bible breaks.

You know what those are. Bible breaks are the headings describing the content of a grouping of Scripture verses. The problem is they can give the impression a new thought is starting.

And sometimes it is but often it’s not. Chapter divisions can also apply.┬áBible breaks and chapter breaks are not in the original manuscripts. They have value but we need to be aware of how they influence our reading and understanding of Scripture.

For instance, often the first word of the verse beginning a new section or chapter is “Therefore… “. As I’ve often heard,

“The ‘therefore’ is there for a reason. It’s referring back to something that previously occurred. Or the theme or idea previously expressed.”

But unfortunately, the description beginning the new section can help us forget about that previous information.

As I said, I know the value of them and I do appreciate them. But I have to remind myself God hasn’t necessarily changed the subject or is now giving a new thought with the break or a new chapter beginning.

The heading is useful for finding topics or for stopping the flow because we can become dulled in our reading. We’re reading along and before we know it, we aren’t really paying attention to what we’re reading. So there are advantages and disadvantages of the breaks.

Just be aware and maybe beware of those wonderful editing tools.

Can you give an example of a time you realized the Bible heading distorted or influenced or distracted your comprehension of a passage?